There has never been a better time to start!


It is about time to deal with alternatives to Germany and Europe.

Thriving landscapes..., pensions are safe..., we will manage to do that... 

The trust in a safe future will quickly vanish if one deals a little bit with
the social, societal, political and economic changes:


The remaining option is for you to take care of your future, to take your money safely abroad and to invest it in a smart and asset-creating manner.
High reserves or risky investments are not necessary, on the contrary.

America is nowadays – as hardly ever before - the land of opportunity for all those who are no fools and who roll their sleeves up and take care of business in a hands-on manner.

It is about time to deal with alternatives to Germany and Europe.


  • The exchange rate, which stands at approx. 1,15 USD for 1 Euro, is still favorable

  • You can buy lots of real property, perhaps even by the sea at a comparably low price

  • A stable real estate market makes for substantial financial investments

  • Sales and purchases are processed fast

  • Low acquisition costs, no land acquisition tax

  • Safe valuation through independent and accredited inspectors

  • Insurances that hedge your real estate

  • Very easy tax calculation and processing without any receipts

  • Mostly no prepayment penalty in case of early repayment

  • Investments are possible without entry or residence status

  • Handling from home, from abroad

  • Extensive real estate funding options

  • Preconditions for loans are more favorable than in Germany 
    (e.g., age, life insurances, 
    nationality and residence don’t matter) 

America is safe from an economic and social point of view. Additionally, tourism, the economy and commerce are booming.

Your money will be safely invested in golden concrete, values with substance in a societally stable country.

You can use real estate by yourself or rent it out or do both – thousands of Germans already have vacation homes and go on vacation within their own four walls.

Sie können die Immobilie selbst nutzen, vermieten oder beides -
tausende Deutsche besitzen bereits ein Zweitdomizil unter Palmen!


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